Moscow factory of processed cheese "KARAT" has been operating since 1934. We produce processed, curd, young cheeses, grained cottage cheese and special cheeses for HORECA, cosmonauts, officers and employees of the Russian Army, the Northern and Pacific Fleet. With our daily work, we confirm the status of the best Russian cheese and dairy company - a producer of clean and healthy food products.
Processed cheese "Karat": "Druzhba", "Yantar", "Chocolate", "Volna" etc
"Karat Domashny" - cottage cheese and unique light cheese
Curdy and cream cheese "Violette"
Soft cheese "Delissir"
Dessert cottage cheese "KARAT"
HORECA products
Moscow factory of processed cheese "KARAT" is a modern manufacturer of elite, hard, green, processed, brine-ripened cheese and other dairy products, including milk, sour cream, butter and cottage cheese.

The history of the factory dates back to 1934. For more than eighty years we have been guided by the steady principles - relevance, quality and ecological compatibility. Today people who live in Russia, EU and CIS countries can enjoy "KARAT" products. Also, we produce cheese for special purposes: for educational institutions, for astronauts on the International Space Station, for Russian military officers, for employees of the Northern and Pacific Fleets. And such well-known processed cheese as "Druzhba", "Jantar" and "Volna" went down in history of the country.

Innovative activity of the company includes a comprehensive program for the development of new products with well-established system of quality control at all stages - from purchasing to output. The range of our products is constantly updated and expanded.

Quality policy of "KARAT" is confirmed by certificate of quality of international standard (ISO 9001). Since 2004 "KARAT" has had an international certificate that legalizes the sale of its products in EU countries. It also has the resolution of the Chief Health Officer and of the Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences on the use of its products in nutrition for the school-aged children.

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Moscow factory of processed cheese "Karat"
127254, Moscow, Russia
Rustavely st,14, building. 11.

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